1st Class Flat Rate Sedan Service

1st Class Service http://Shuttle2LAX.com, announced today that it will sell $90 exclusive sedan pickups from your door to Los Angeles International Airport (or vice versa) from any address in their service area. The new top quality, flat-rate sedan service will augment Shuttle2LAX.com's current flat-rate $20 shared van service, offering their customers more options in airport transport at extreme discounts.

"Just like Southwest Airlines revolutionized the travel industry in the 1990's with its super low fares that opened the skies to all, Shuttle2LAX.com is making sedan service, a luxury previously reserved for the well-to-do, a service all can enjoy," remarked Paul Turner Smith, Online Marketing Manager for Shuttle2LAX.com.

"A flat-rate fare is unheard of in our industry, which typically bases its fares on distance, number of passengers, and actual time spent on the road, a real killer in typical L.A. traffic," said Smith, " but we've enjoyed huge success with our $20 shared shuttle service with over 70,000 seats sold this year, so we figured why not test the same business model with an exclusive, top quality sedan service?"

Shuttle2LAX.com's innovative model could well prove to be a win-win for sedan operators and passengers alike. Their low $90 flat fare for sedan service includes up to three passengers and also includes a 20% gratuity for the driver. Sedan operators, typically independent owners, benefit from Shuttle2LAX.com's technology, which includes an easy to use online reservation system, plus the fruit of Shuttle2LAX's advertising and marketing efforts.

"We mean for the price to be low enough for it to be a no-brainer. Try it once and see if we don't pick you up at your door on time with an elegant car and an impeccable driver and deliver you to LAX in plenty of time for your flight, which we will," challenged Smith. Interested passengers can book online at, http://shuttle2LAX.com.