Passengers Save $21,045 in First Two Weeks of Business for, a travel wholesaler based in Los Angeles, California, announced on January 10, 2011, that it would begin to sell $20 pickups from your door to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), no matter where you live in the Los Angeles area.

Now, a mere two weeks later, has booked 1,220 reservations. That equals a total of $21,045 of savings, over other transportation alternatives, for passengers traveling to Los Angeles International Airport.

"The way we do it is by selling empty seats on the major shuttle van companies already serving LAX," said Paul Turner Smith,'s Marketing Manager, "So, our passenger gets a cheap seat on one of the premier carriers, and the carrier gets one more passenger they wouldn't have had. Everybody wins! We're like the Priceline for transportation."

That's also 1,220 private vehicles off the road. At 20 miles as an average trip, and 1.1 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per mile for an average car, that's 26,840 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions saved over's first two weeks of service.

"That's a good start!" said Smith, "And, it really is nice to have a job at a company that can make a difference. When people get out of their private cars--which is the number one form of getting to LAX--and into shuttle vans, they're sharing a ride, and that's good for our air, and good for our crowded roads."

Los Angeles International Airport is ranked the fourth busiest in the world. But, in terms of cars going in and out of it, it ranks number one in the world. Tens of millions of people each year take their car to get to LAX. And, in addition, many of these are dropped off by a family member or friend.

"When your spouse or friend drops you off at LAX, it turns into double the gasoline, double the traffic, double the pollution, and double the hassle," said Smith. "And now, with our $20 fares from anywhere, it could turn out to be double the price.

"We wanted it to be a no-brainer. For $20, why would you do anything but take a shiny shuttle van to LAX? And when you do that, and enjoy the door-to-terminal service, you hardly feel the fact that you're also doing the right thing--you're ridesharing!"