5,872 Private Cars Off the Road in First Thirty Days of Shuttle2LAX.com Service

LOS ANGELES—Shuttle2LAX.com (on the web at www.Shuttle2LAX.com) announced only thirty days ago that it would sell $20 pickups from your home to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), no matter where you live in the Los Angeles area. 5,872 people since then have taken them up on their offer.

“That’s 5,872 cars off the road,” said Paul Turner Smith, Shuttle2LAX.com’s Online Marketing Manager, “The $20 fare encourages people to make the right choice in leaving their car safely in their garage, and instead letting us take them to LAX. When they do, they get the cheap fare and from-your-door service, while our community gets all those extra cars off the road.”

Los Angeles and the State of California have spent millions in promoting rideshare, either in the form of HOV lanes or corporate vanpool programs. Meanwhile, the premier airport shared ride services have hundreds of shuttle vans with plenty of empty seats. Shuttle2LAX.com, a travel wholesaler based in Los Angeles, devised a plan where it acquires these empty seats in bulk, and then sells them separately to people lucky enough to find them on the Internet. Think Priceline, only for airport transportation.

In the process, Shuttle2LAX.com has become a leader in airport shared ride bookings, in only one short month!

“We find that a lot of the people booking with us are new to the industry, having never taken a shared van to the airport before. The $20 fare makes it easy to do so, because it’s so cheap. $20 from Woodland Hills, Irvine, Pasadena, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Burbank, Diamond Bar or Whittier, for example, is hard to ignore. Frankly, we tried to make it a no-brainer.”

Just like Southwest Airlines changed everything in the 1990’s with their super low fares, opening up the skies to the masses, Shuttle2LAX.com thinks they can do the same thing to the very first leg of your trip—from your home to the airport.

The airport shared-ride business started in the mid-1980’s right here in Los Angeles. And from here, it spread throughout the country. It was based on a per passenger fare structure that left it about half the cost of a taxi. With this new pricing, however, it is almost like giving the ride away.

“The era of taking your car to the airport is over!” declared Smith. “No longer do you need to cajole or coerce your spouse or friend to take you. You no longer have to do the car to parking to parking shuttle to terminal relay, lugging your luggage all the way, when you can just have someone pick you up at your door for $20.”