to 'Southwest' the airport ground transportation industry., a travel wholesaler based in Los Angeles, California, announced that it would begin today to sell pickups from your door starting at $20, to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), no matter where you live in the Los Angeles area.

“Just like Southwest Airlines changed everything in the 1990’s with their super low fares, opening up the skies to the masses, we think this is a game changer for getting to your flight,” said Paul Turner Smith, Shuttle2LAX’s Online Marketing Manager, “We think just as Southwest’s strategy got people out of their cars, and into airplanes, we’ll get them out of their cars and into shiny shuttle vans. We’re going to ‘Southwest’ our industry!”

The airport shared-ride business started in mid-1980 in Los Angeles, and spread throughout the country from here. It was based on a per passenger fare structure that left it about half the cost of a taxi. With this new pricing, however, it is almost like giving the ride away. accomplishes this feat by purchasing seats on board leading shuttle van operators serving LAX, that otherwise would be empty. It then resells them on their website. It’s $20 in most areas, which in most instances is even cheaper than driving yourself. It’s also cheaper than asking a family member or friend, who has to do double duty in driving to LAX, dropping you off, and then returning home.

It’s way cheaper than parking. It’s now just a fraction of a taxi fare. It’s even cheaper than a bus, while still picking you up at your home.

“We meant for it to be low enough to be a no-brainer. It’s so cheap, you can try it, and see if we fulfill our promise of easy online booking, then picking you up on-time, at your door, with a shiny shuttle van, and, most importantly, a bright, professional and personable driver,” says Smith, “which we will!” also promotes the environmental benefits of its program in its message to policy makers on its website. It’s ridesharing, after-all, where every shuttle van represents three or more private cars off the road. This reduces air pollution, mitigates traffic, and in essence provides a mass transportation alternative absent the usual huge initial capital outlay. It’s a transportation alternative you can feel good about.

It also creates jobs. When you’re burning gasoline, you’re likely prospering someone in another country. With airport rideshare, 25 reservations per day creates another good local job for a professional driver.

In a type appeal, asks its satisfied customers to spread the word via Facebook or Twitter. Shuttle2LAX is betting, though, that a fare like this is a big hit, naturally. “All we’re asking,” says Smith, “is that you ‘like’ us on Facebook if we fulfill our promise of making you a happy customer.”