Why It’s Important To Travel While You’re Young

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the th...

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How to Shop for the Best Travel Deals

Whether it’s William Shatner in all his shining glory pushing Priceline or a freaky little lawn gn...

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Cinco De Mayo Winners

We would like to congratulate the five winners of our Cinco de Mayo giveaway


In honor of Cinco de M...

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Lost Luggage

Have you ever noticed the first piece of luggage that comes out on the carousel never seems to belon...

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March Madness Has Spread to Shuttle2LAX.com

Shuttle2LAX is always giving away free rides to our valued customers! Simply Enter your info below o...

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Daylight Savings Free Ride Winners

We might have lost an hour this month with daylight savings time, but these lucky sons of guns have...

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Planes, Babies and Other Things That Don’t Mix Well

Traveling with babies is usually as bad as it sounds. I remember my pre child days, boarding a plane...

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Shuttle2LAX vs. Alternatives – A Life or Death Decision

Choosing your transportation to and from the airport is a pretty important factor. You may not feel...

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