• How can you do this for so cheap?

    Seats that would otherwise be empty are passed on to you, along with the savings. But, we need you to spread the word, so that we can keep the low fares coming.

  • Am I in your service area?

    Take a look at the map of our service area. The best way to see if we serve your city specifically is to go onto the reservation page, and click on the drop-down menus. If your city is there, you’re in!

  • What if I’m not in your service area?

    Unfortunately, if you are not in our service area, we are unable to serve you at this time. But, we have BIG plans for expansion, so please check back the next time you travel.

  • How much advanced notice is needed to book a reserved pickup?

    Our online reservation system will not allow you to book a reservation less than 6 hours before your pickup time. We’d like you to book as far ahead as possible, however, as this always allows for the contracted carrier to plan ahead for you and your pickup. When you know, let us know!

  • Once I’ve made a reservation, then what?

    The first thing that will happen is that you’ll receive a confirmation email from us, with all the information you need about the contracted carrier assigned to your pickup. This includes their contact phone number, and much more.

  • Will the shuttle van be on-time?

    When we give you a pickup time, remember that there may be others in the shuttle van when it drops by to get you. This means that you should be ready to go about fifteen minutes before your pickup time, but we may not be there until about fifteen minutes after. There is a pickup window, therefore, of about a half hour in which you can anticipate us to be out in front. Don’t worry, though, because we will always get you to LAX in plenty of time.

  • Will you take me to my particular terminal?

    We’ll drop you off right at the terminal of the airline with which you made your reservation.

  • How do I know I’ll be picked up?

    We only deal with the leaders in the airport rideshare (or, shared ride) business. Not only are they fully licensed and insured, but they all have years (more than twenty, in most cases) of operating experience and customer service excellence. Each has a sophisticated reservation and dispatch system. Some even have an on-time guarantee, which shows how confident they are.

  • Who is actually going to pick me up?

    When you book your reservation online, you will instantly be assigned to one of our reputable contracted carriers who is already going your way. You will receive a confirmation email that will include all of the contact information for the contracted carrier that will be picking you up, including 24 hour assistance.

  • How do I know my shuttle is from a safe, licensed, insured, reputable company?

    All of the companies we contract with use drivers that are licensed by LAX and the California Public Utilities Commission, and are fully insured. We only pick the best companies to serve you. Working with shoddy companies would just make us look bad too, so we have an incentive to be careful.

  • What if my pickup is at a hotel?

    The process is pretty much the same as a pickup at your home. Please be ready to go and in the lobby fifteen minutes before your reserved time, but we may not be there until about fifteen minutes after. There is a pickup window, therefore, of about a half hour in which you can anticipate us to be out in front. Don’t worry, though, because we will always get you to LAX in plenty of time.

  • How do I find my shuttle van at LAX?

    After you make your reservation, a confirmation email will be sent to you explaining the process of meeting up with your shuttle van after your arrival. However, with most of our contracted carriers, the process is to first collect all of your luggage, and then exit the baggage claim. You will find your carrier’s representative just a short walk down the sidewalk. After you check in with them, they will call your shuttle van out of the staging area for you to board.

  • Will the driver wait until the shuttle van is full before exiting the airport?

    Once you are on-board, the shuttle will then proceed to the other shuttle van stops at the airport (there are eight of them), picking up other passengers on its way out of the airport.

  • How long will it take to get home?

    As a gauge, we recommend that you go to Google Maps, and enter directions from LAX to your home. Take the time listed for this trip and double it. This is usually what you can expect, with the drop offs of the other passengers on the way to your home.

  • How many othe drop-offs will there be?

    You can usually count on just a couple more drop-offs, other than yours, on the way home from LAX. However, this depends on where you are heading. If you are heading to a university, for example, there may be many more drop-offs. Or, if you’re heading to Downtown or the Disneyland area, there may be many more drop-offs, but, again, usually there are only a couple, before you are home.

  • What if my flight is late?

    No problem. The contracted carrier will be tracking your flight, and its arrival time, and will have a shuttle van there for you when you arrive.

  • What’s the fair for the kids?

    We sell by the seat, so each seat that is accommodated by adult or child is the same low price. No child under the age of 18 may ride without being accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Should we bring a car seat?

    Although the Highway Patrol does not require you to, since a shuttle van is classified as a bus, we strongly encourage you to. It only makes abundant sense to put your child in a seat that fits, and is the safest possible. Then, at LAX, you can either store it in a locker, or, better yet, have it for them on-board the airplane and for use in the city to which you are traveling. You can get further information on our Terms and Conditions page.

  • What if I need to cancel, or change my reservation?

    As soon as you make your reservation, a confirmation email is sent to you with the telephone number and other contact information of the contracted carrier to which your reservation is assigned. It will also have all the other information you will need to cancel, change your reservation, or anything else that comes up. You can get further information on our Terms and Conditions page.

  • Is there a limit on how much luggage I can have?

    We allow two pieces of checked baggage and one personal-type piece for each passenger. Checked baggage includes most commercially available luggage and moderate sized boxes. You can get further information on our Terms and Conditions page.

  • Why don’t you give us your phone number

    Well, actually, we don’t have one! This is one of the ways we are able to offer such a bottom basement flat price, because we don’t maintain a call center. So, we insist you make your reservation online. Our live chat will help you through the process. After you’ve made your reservation, you will immediately receive a confirmation email from the contracted carrier assigned your reservation which will have all the information you need, including a phone number to the contracted carrier.

  • Can I book a shuttle for any time of the day

    Although we would love to provide shared ride service 24-7, our business model of selling additional seats on shuttles is not possible during certain times of the day. We are currently unable to accommodate LAX/BUR arrival reservations with pickup times between 11pm and 7am due to the low number of flights during those hours. If the standard shuttle option does not show when attempting to book a reservation, this is the reason why.

    Our Sedan2LAX service is available at all times.